AIWIS Review – IntroductionAIWIS Review – Introduction
Artificial Intelligence is a computer program offline and online, typically incorporating an artificial neural network, that can learn to perform complex intellectual tasks. It comes in two forms: Strong AI and Narrow AI.
All of the marketers want to increase engagement and loyalty but maybe have not yet found the method. My AIWIS Review today intends to introduce an Artificial Intelligence program that allows us to learn, grow and absorb information from visitors, then interact with them.
AIWIS Review – OverviewVendor: Craig CrawfordProduct: AiwisLaunch Date: 2017-Jun-14Launch Time: 9.00 EDTFront-End Price: $37-$67Recommend: Highly RecommendHome Page: 30 Days Money Back GuaranteeNiche: Video AIWIS Review – What is it?
AIWIS (Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System) is a brand new Saas application, which brings you the opportunity to interact with visitors based on their behavior: Pages visited, the number of return, or continuing conversations from other AIWIS locations.
That means customers can get an AR message with an offer, click on the link, then AIWIS will welcome them by name and continue to talk about the offer.
About the author – Craig CrawfordCraig Crawford has been working in online marketing for excess five years. His sole purpose online is to convey marketing messages in an interactive way to give your website interact with customers and increase engagement. He began computer training at college after leaving secondary school. He achieved a diploma in advanced ICT and worked with family’s business for about eight years in total.
There are some of his launches you can know: Business Booster Firesale, Marketers Graphics, Elite Video Evolution.
Ingenious combination of text
AIWIS automatically knows your visitors’ name, ask those questions relating to the actions they take on the site. Moreover, the questions are different for each time return.
It uses an ingenious combination of text to speech and cookies, so you can create messages using short codes which are transcribed into spoken audio.
Skyrocket conversions using totally brand new “humanized” method
It is likely to have a real life of human when talking to your visitors. With just a tiny bit of copy and paste code, your website or landing page is transformed into an “almost human” speaking machine that can deliver any audio message to the visitors.
Human’s features
AIWIS can speak over 25 languages in over 47 voices. Besides, there are different versions of male and female with the theme’s colors are pastel pink or navy blue. AWIS has not only adult’s accent but also child’s accent, boy or girl.
Obtain information from online resources
It can integrate the information to communicate and make bespoke marketing messages and build the relationship while adding a WOW factor. After that, AIWIS welcome visitors by their name.
Interact with any websites
It works alongside any website to interact, learn and guide viewers through your site, make them take act. There is a database included in the upsell which allows AIWIS to learn and grow as a collective as long as you hosts a page on your site and allows cookies.


How does it work?
You can use AIWIS to send entirely customized messages to build a strong relationship with visitors. To set up it, you just type in what you want to say, then copy and paste some code onto your webpage. These include name, location, location time, the last visited, admin’s name, and that is just to start off.Who should use it?
Are you doing marketing or business? Are you trying to rise engagement with visitors? As long as you want to make sales from the website, AIWIS becomes your solution.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Show an interactive faceAlways welcome the visitorsEngage visitors by asking their name and their emailCollect name and email and add to an auto responderGive the visitor the chance to stop or replay the voice and exit the face to go to the offerEngage with visitor using I.P information, and tell the which page they last visitedThe effect that it has on your visitor is nothing short of magic.CONS:
The guiding video is quite difficult for me to follow, so I have to waste much time at the beginning to learn how to use. However, now it’s okay to me. If you get any trouble when using this program, you can contact with the support desk for immediate help.
AIWIS Review – Price and Evaluation
In summary, AIWIS makes an almost “free-thinking”, unique marketing system that has human-like qualities with responses, questions and interactions. This tool helps your business stand out and make sales increase.
You have many choices that you can get more detail on the website . Moreover, you should note that the price now is just $37-5 sites/$47-Unlimited Sites/$67-Developers+Unlimited Sites but will increase after the launch, and your investment is risk-free because you also receive a 30-day money back guarantee.
AIWIS has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:
-Front-End (AIWIS – $37-$47-$67) (See Details)
-OTO 1 (AIWIS Enhancement Growth System – $29.95) (See Details)
-OTO 2 (AWIS Agency Rights – $97/per month – $9997.00/Life Time – $997/per year) (See Details)
Thank you for your attention on my AIWIS Review!


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